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Press Releases: Increase in business startups over 40 times faster in BRIC countries than other nations, study finds

The increase in new business startups is now on average 40 times faster in BRIC nations than other countries, according to UHY, the international accounting and consultancy network.

The research shows that BRIC nations are, on average, creating 18% more new businesses per annum compared to non-BRIC nations, which are, on average, creating just 0.4% more new businesses per annum.

UHY professionals studied data on new business registrations over the last five years in 19 countries across its international network, including the G8, as well as key emerging economies, including the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China).*

According to UHY professionals, policymakers have been taking measures to encourage greater entrepreneurial activity during the financial crisis, but the research highlights the need for some countries to do more to help new business startups, which in many countries are struggling with low demand and restricted access to bank finance.

While in some countries the number of new businesses being created has increased by double digits over the last five years, in others the number of new business startups has decreased by a double digit percentage.

The country with the fastest increase is Russia, one of the so-called BRIC nations, which has seen a 25.6% annual increase in the rate at which new businesses are being created over the last five years. Nearly 3.2 million new businesses were registered in Russia in 2010, compared to 1.3 million in 2006.

The country which has seen the biggest slowdown in the rate of new business creation is Spain. The annual growth rate over the last five years is minus 14.6%. 76,622 new companies were created in Spain in 2010, compared to 143,859 in 2006.

The research reveals, however, that over the past year, the gap between BRIC and non-BRIC nations has narrowed. The increase in new business startups in 2010 was, on average, 3.3% for non-BRIC nations, compared to 18% for the BRIC countries.

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