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  • Oversaw the filing of multiple Voluntary Disclosure files with Canada CRA and Quebec Minister of Revenue for unreported income related to offshore investments. [lead partner: Jon Levy].
  • Planned and implemented an asset restructuring for two sizable estates resulting in the ability to take advantage of major losses available for carry forward. [lead partner: Edward Victor]​
  • Structured a business reorganization to implement the partial transfer and expansion of a very successful Periodontal practice to two periodontists. [lead partners: Edward Victor & Sylvie Plante]
  • Assisted approximately 50 American's in Canada with IRS compliance issues, including US tax catch-ups, FBAR's, voluntary disclosures; structuring corporate holdings, cross border estate planning. [lead partner: Jon Levy]
  • ​Created a Family Trust to pay for childrens' post-secondary education with pre-tax corporate earnings. These beneficiaries receive dividends on a tax-free basis due to their limited income and tuition fee deduction. [lead partner: Ken Shemie]
  • Prepared and negotiated a GST/HST voluntary disclosure to recover Input Tax Credits (ITC) for a non-resident operating in Canada. We assisted a non-resident multi-national corporation to register for GST/HST and successfully recover a significant amount of ITC’s through the voluntary disclosure program. [lead partner: Ken Shemie]
  • Submitted a Regulation 105 waiver, which avoided witholdings of 24% of gross billing for a non-resident providing services in Quebec. This aided  the non-resident’s cash flow, since the profit margin on the Canadian contract was low. [lead partner: Ken Shemie]
  • Prepared certificates of compliance for non-residents selling real property in Canada to minimize tax withholdings on the sale of real estate. In certain cases, the properties were rented but the non-residents were delinquent in filing Canadian income tax returns and never reported the rental income. We rectified these deficiencies without any penalties being levied. [lead partner: Ken Shemie]
  • UHY Victor chairs the UHY Canada US Tax Team (CUTT).
  • Guided a client in setting up IPP's (Individual Pension Plans). [lead partner: Sylvie Plante]
  • Structuring a US corporate expansion into Canada. [lead partner: Jon Levy]
  • Served as the binding arbitrator to resolve a commercial dispute between the purchaser and the seller of a private company. [lead partner: Edward Victor]
  • Consulting with a pharmaceutical company on a significant R & D claim. [lead partner: Brahm Shiller]
  • Advised a family on settling a complex estate. [lead partner: Frank Leboff].
  • Successfully objected and overturned a number of Notices of Reassessment from Revenue Quebec, which added alleged undeclared investment income. [lead partner: Ken Shemie]
  • Planning for a US beneficiary of a Canadian trust, including the incorporation of an Alberta Unlimited Liability Corporation (AULC)
  • Structuring and set-up of a Pacific rim purchasing corporation for a Canadian importer.
  • Structuring of a merger (including financing) for a Montreal and Toronto wholesaler.
  • Assisting a successful entrepreneur with the sale of his company.
  • Tax planning for a foreign investor selling Canadian real estate.

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