UHY Global: Les Etats-Unis et la France mènent les discussions sur la taxe numérique mondiale

17 décembre, 2019   -   By Luisa Almazan

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La France et les États-Unis sont convenus de jouer un rôle de premier plan dans le négociations visant à parvenir à un accord sur une taxe mondiale à la mi-2020, en collaboration avec l’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE) dans le cadre d’une équipe spéciale. Ce pacte s’ajuste à un accord antérieur sur un géant français de la fiscalité en ligne comme Google, Amazon, et Facebook. La France remboursera aux entreprises tout excédent d’impôt une fois qu’un  accord international serait en place. Le secrétaire général de l’OCDE, Angel Hurria, et le ministre français Bruno Le Maire, ont déclaré qu’ils espéraient parvenir à un accord d’ici la fin de l’année afin qu’un accord sur la taxe mondiale puisse être conclu au cours du premier semestre de 2020. 


Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site: Washington Post

UHY Victor Response to the Spread of COVID-19

UHY Victor is taking action to maintain the health and welfare of our team, our clients and support communal efforts to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

UHY Victor will remain open during this difficult period and client services will continue. We have implemented contingency plans which allow us to continue to operate as we all deal with the spreading pandemic.

In light of the present situation we have introduced the following measures:

  • Our staff and procedures have been structured so that our team can work remotely.
  • Our IT infrastructure and data are protected by cutting edge security systems.
  • To the extent possible, client meetings will be held through web meetings and other remote solutions.
  • Employees who experience the primary symptoms such as fever, cough and respiratory difficulties will work remotely until cleared.
  • Internally, we emphasize the importance of “social distancing”, and have enhanced our internal cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

UHY Victor will continue to monitor the changing situation and, will respond proactively as this major health challenge evolves.

We encourage all to stay informed and to visit the Public Health Agency of Canada COVID-19 site, and follow the guidelines set out by the government of Canada:

  • Now and always during cold and flu season, stay home if you are sick. Encourage those you know are sick to stay home until they no longer have symptoms.
  • Since respiratory viruses, such as the one that causes COVID-19, are spread through contact, change how you greet one another. Instead of a handshake, a kiss or a hug, a friendly wave or elbow bump is less likely to expose you to respiratory viruses.
  • Practice frequent hand hygiene and coughing and sneezing etiquette. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as toys and door handles.

For more information on the guidelines of the Government of Canada on how to be prepared for COVID-19: Click here.

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