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Cybersecurity anxiety?  Unsure what to do?


Do you suffer from Cybersecurity Anxiety?

Step one in treating this new age condition is conducting a Cybersecurity Assessment.

UHY Advisors has a Cybersecurity assessment program, which includes:

  • Compliance & Program development 
  • Cyber Risk Management 
  • Cyber Security Training and Awareness
  • Phishing exercises
  • Cyber Security Risk Management Program Development
  • Incident Response Program Management and Development
  • Breach Response Management
  • Technology consulting 


Benefits of this assessment:

  • Your Cybersecurity vulnerabilities will be clearly identified
  • The implications of the exposures will be identified  
  • Methods of dealing with the vulnerabilities will be presented
  • Follow-up “Action Plans” will be presented 



Today no corporations is immune to Cyberattacks.

Being resilient, vigilant, securing your data and having a Cybersecurity strategy are essential in todays world. We all need to take this seriously. Many corporations and government facilities have been victimized by Cyberattacks and Ransomware attacks.


5 key components to reduce Cyberattacks – Regardless of your size:

  •  Be prepared for an attack. 

    • Ensure that you have the technical resources to detect, contain and respond to an attack.
    • Check that you have offline daily backups of data applications. 
    • Prepare an “Incident Response Plan”, which identifies what steps to take in the event of a Cyber attack: who to contact and what procedures to follow.
  • Perform a security assessment to evaluate your to detect, respond, and recover.
  • Conduct awareness training and phishing simulations for all employees on identifying malicious emails and phishing attacks. The attacks methods look very realistic and employees need to practice identifying malicious emails and need to know what action to take.
  • Review Cybersecurity insurance coverage. Being aware that many standard insurance plans generally do not provide full coverage.
  • Ensure that all your application updates are installed.







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UHY  Advisors can assist the corporation to set up checkpoints to reduce exposure to these attacks

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